Pay Thru Your Credit / Debit Cards

You will be paying an amount of ₱ 15,895 using your credit or debit card through PayPal. Take note that you don't necessarily need to sign up PayPal. On the PayPal checkout page, make sure to choose "Pay with my credit or debit card" option. Hit the button below.

Pay Thru Bank Deposits / Transfer

Step 1. Send your payment to:

BDO Savings Account
Account Number: 0067 6003 2739
Account Name: Francis John Clavano
Amount: ₱ 15,895

BPI Savings Account
Account Number: 8099046822
Account Name: Rowena Somosot
Amount: ₱ 15,895

Step 2. Upload a copy of deposit slip/remittance receipt

Please scan or take a picture of the deposit slip/remittance receipt of your payment and send it to

Wait for our verification, it may take up to 24 hours.

If you have concerns and trouble with your payment, please contact me at

Step 3. Submit payment details to Registration Form

Go to the Registration Form below and enter the details of your payment then click "Submit To Register"

Registration Form

We respect your email privacy

Frequent Ask Questions (FAQs) With Payments

"Where can I find the Tracking Number?"

For BDO Deposit Slip, you can find it at:

For BPI Deposit Slip, you can find it at:

"Can I pay using my Paypal Account Balance?"

Yes. Just click the red button "Click To Pay Tru Credit / Debit Card" above. Then choose "Pay with Paypal" on the payment page.

"Can I pay thru other banks aside from BDO and BPI?"

Sorry I only have BDOand BPI account to accept payment but you can opt to send payment thru money remittance, just send us an email at or chat us on our FB Fan Page to ask how, Click here.

Para sa magaang buhay,
Francis Clavano
Clavmall Gen. Manager
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