"Give Me An Hour A Day For 10 Days To Teach You How To Completely Build An Online Grocery Business And Make A Lot Of Money"

Then I'll Give You A Fully Upgraded eCommerce Website That Is Fully Loaded With Grocery Items So You Can Start The Business Right Away!
Training Schedule (1st Part: Aug 21 - Aug 25 And 2nd Part: Aug 28 - Sep 01)

My Sales
Francis Clavano
Creator Of Clavmall

"Hey guys and gals! I highly recommended you should enroll to Sir Francis's training. He's one true mentor and entreprenuer and I am with him in promoting the most progressive and the best blomming business for years ahead that you can only learn from him. Wag magpapahuli guys. Grab your spot now before someone take yours..." - Kami Gawa

Hi! Like you I was also dreaming of having a profitable business.

Before I quit my job last January 2016, I venture into a lot of businesses. I have 2 internet cafe, some fruit business, and I also venture to lending business.

"Pero sadly lahat nalugi!"

They don't succeed because...
  • I don't have the right knowledge and skills to run a traditional business. (Especially wala pa akong malaking exposure sa pagnenegosyo as I am a full-time employee)
  • I don't have the right attitude to take care of the people who work for my business.
  • I only have limited customers -- The only people I can turn as my customers are those who are living in the surrounding area of my business location.
  • I was fed up with increasing rental fees. Lumalaki yung rental fees habang bumababa yung sales ko.
  • I have a lot of competitors.
  • I don't know how to market my business.
  • I don't have any connections to any influential people to help me with my marketing.
  • And most of all, I don't have a lot of time to monitor my businesses as I have a day job.
One time when I was reading my Facebook timeline, I read a statement from the richest guy on Earth (Bill Gates), he says, "If your business is not on the internet then your business will be out of business".

At that moment I quietly tell myself... AHA! Kaya pala hindi nagsa-succeed ang mga businesses ko.

The statement of Bill Gates is not just prophetic but it is really happening now. That’s why at that moment I immediately started to think what other business will I get into where that business can be made online and long-term.

At first, I was planning to copy the concept of Lazada and Amazon business selling non-consumable stuff online like jewelry, shoes, and mobile phones.

But it will not work as I need to have a big capital for this because I need to put up an initial stocks for the items and I also need to invest rentals for a commercial space and stockroom.

Which I could not afford to as I just recently lost a lot of money from my previous businesses.

And if I will promote it, the only marketing strategy I know is to spam a post on Facebook Groups like what most online entrepreneurs do which is for me not effective.

Then I consider other business which I can sell consumable goods such as fruits, vegetables, diapers, and rice.

To the point, I finally get into...

Selling Grocery Items Online

Last June 2015, I started my Online Grocery Business here in Davao City.

I arrived selling grocery products online because of these practical reasons:
  • Grocery items can be bought only after a customer made an order and paid it which means you don't need to have the capital for initial stock.
  • You don't need a big room or warehouse to store grocery products so you don't need to invest a very large amount of money.
  • You don't need to rent a space as you don't need to display your grocery items. (Wala ka ring monthly operational expenses gaya ng tubig, kuryente, security, and employees)
  • It is consumed in a routinary way so your customers will order it regularly.
  • Grocery items are basically food so it is forever be needed by people that's why once you establish it, you have a business that runs for a longer period of time (Your business stops only when people stop consuming groceries - which is currently impossible!).
  • You can do it yourself so you may never hire an employee. You may hire a driver or a kargador but it is only optional.
  • You'll learn to love Competition through the business. Maybe you don't know that the more people doing the same business is already a sign na ang business nato ay Patok! When I started my own online grocery business, I already have a lot of competitors, both individual and supermarket. But I just focus on how to market and sell my business and become successful. One thing I do believe will make you stand out is to spend much time in marketing.
  • Because it's online, you can sell it anywhere you want. You can sell it to other cities, to other provinces, to the whole country or even to the whole world as long as you have a courier service that can deliver on that particular location.
  • You can also sell it online at a little higher price. This is because you are giving service by providing them convenience. Instead na sila pa yung bibili, hindi na, delivered pa at their doorsteps.
  • Grocery Store or Supermarket are visible everywhere that's why supply for your grocery items is abundant.
  • Plus Manufacturers and Distributors of grocery products are now eager to adopt an e-commerce concept of selling so they are finding online store business owners who do online grocery. (Once you get supply direct from distributors or manufacturers, you can earn more than twice the profit while the prices of your items is the same as in the supermarket)
And because of the internet it will not be hard for you to market a business today.

There is actually an emerging Marketing Strategy that only few people knew about and it is the strategy that gave birth to a lot of Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneurs doing business online nowadays.

Entrepreneurs like Bo Sanchez, Jon Orana, and Robert Kiyosaki are using this strategy to make multi-million dolars of profit!

The good news is that this strategy can also be applied to your online grocery business. You only need to learn it.

I myself is already applying it to my own online grocery and it provides me a lot of sales!

Let me show you my sample profit when I use this strategy.

Last October 21, 2015, I delivered 4 orders to my customers.

Here are the snapshot of their orders:

First Orders

I earned a net profit of P 1,641.14 (10% of the subtotals + delivery fees).

And it only took me 2 hours to deliver these orders to my customers.

"This is a proof that it is really possible to have a business that you only need to spend 2 hours a day to earn a net income of 1,600 pesos"

... It's already an income of a junior manager in a company working 8 hours within the same day!

One of the best thing about online grocery business is that it doesn't require so much of your time so if you have a day job or you are busy with another business, you can do it right after your work.

Now if it provides big income for only 4 orders, imagine how much revenue it can give you if you have 8, 10, or 20 orders a day?

How to earn 100k pesos or more a month?

Last January 2016, right after I quitted my job I decided to teach people how to create and establish the exact online grocery business I have.

I teach them how I do it and how they too can do this kind of business and make a lot of money whether they are a professional, employed, OFW or even someone who wants to have another source of income.

When I started my online grocery business it took me almost a year to build it because I need to learn all the necessary knowledge and skills in establishing it.

During those time there are a lot of painful mistakes I experienced. I wish I could have someone who will guide me so I can build it easier, faster with fewer or almost no mistakes.

Especially in the MARKETING - (You need to learn a lot on this!)... But there is none.

And since I don't want others to experience the same mistakes I have, I decided to teach people do the exact steps.

Here are some of them and their corresponding comments.

Yna Estanero Yna Estanero, owner of Happy Helper, an online grocery in Lucena City.

"I've always admired Francis Clavano for his passion and determination to create a mark on the Online Grocery Business. More than that, his sharing of knowledge is amazing. His passion to teach and share is commendable. Always thinking of bettering the lessons. Amazing mentor and trainor. I always learn something new on all the lessons from this amazing training. You should try it! It's not a scam."

Mario Mora Cartenio Espino Jr, owner of Ocean Care Grocery in Binan Laguna.

"What the famous author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad", Robert Kiyosaki says,:"If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there. "That's applies to Francis Clavano - he has been there, he is the right authority, your coach, your mentor that leads you to the path of a successful Online Grocery Business!"

Now aside from learning the knowledge, skills, and marketing, one of the major thing you need to prepare in this business is an e-commerce website.

I found out that hiring a web programmer would cost you around 50,000 pesos to 100,000 pesos to do an e-commerce website.

Depende na rin sa looks at functionality na gusto mong meron nito.

And after you have an e-commerce website you need to upload the details of all the grocery items.

But this is the worst of all because it will take you a lot of time to do it.

Imagine that there are over 45,000 grocery items that you need to upload. - How can you do that when you are employed or have limited time?

It's almost impossible!

But not for you this time because I have developed a training called Online Grocery Prosperity Training and after the training I will going to give you an eCommerce Website already filled with grocery items For FREE.

Let me talk more about it later.

For the moment, I would like to show you how I generated more than 100,000 pesos income a month on my online grocery business using the eCommerce Website I'll be including in the training!

That you could also do or pwedeng mahigitan pa if you run this kind of business.

Right now I already have 420 customers buying regularly in my online grocery business.

My Customers

Each of them is buying an average amount of Php 3,000 worth of grocery items per month (see the 4 orders I've shown above), my percentage earnings for this is 10% so computing it will give...

Php 3,000 x 420 x 0.1 = Php 126,000

...so an average of Php 126,000 yung kinikita ko buwan-buwan.

Well, that's a rough estimate. Minsan pa nga umaabot ng 18,000 pesos yung order ng isa kong customer.

18000 sales

At yung iba hindi naman once a month lang bumibili, merong din iba once a week!

And what makes it profitable is that you can get more than 420 customers because of the emerging Marketing Strategy I am going to talk about later.

Here's a golden opportunity for you

You can now start an online grocery business in just a few days!

Just allow me to teach you for 10 straight days all the knowledge, skills, and marketing... Then you can have an online grocery business ready for operation.

I will also help you build your first 420 buying customers and make 100,000 pesos sales per month!

Instead of preparing it in 1 year like what I did, you can begin your online grocery in 10 days or less (it depends on how fast you learn) without the painful mistakes I've encountered.

And instead of canvassing the cheapest website creator, not anymore for you now because I'll be giving you an E-Commerce Website already loaded with grocery items.

Kung narinig or nabasa mo na that I am giving a free e-commerce website dati, well that is the trial version.

But this e-commerce website I am talking about is the fully upgraded version, it cost around 12,000 pesos if you purchase it separately but I'll be giving you that absolutely free.

And you don't need to go to a supermarket to collect all the data of the grocery items, automatically the e-commerce website you'll be getting contains all the fast moving grocery products in the Philippines.

So it doesn't matter if you're not good in computer, you can start the business right away!

Allow me to introduce to you to the country's first training on how to building an online grocery business called Online Grocery Prosperity Training, my students usually called it in its abbreviation form, OGPT.

In this training, you will be receiving 10 (Ten) exclusive lessons every day that will teach you how to build online grocery business step by step. After you finish the lessons, you will be receiving a Free Fully Upgraded Ecommerce Website already filled with grocery items.

... so you can start the business right away!

And remember you only need to build at least 420 buying customers to make a lot of sales in this business.

I forgot to tell you that mostly, those who buy in my online grocery business are OFWs. They are the one who is highly needing this kind of business.

They want to make sure that their family has foods to eat instead of just sending them money.

When I research it I found out that there are over 10 million OFWs in 170 countries around the world and in order to make a lot of money in this business you need only 420 of them.

And of course OFWs are not the only people we can serve through this business, we also have those who are opulent individual (mayayamang tao) and those who are busy working in BPO or in a hospital.

We also have home base professionals.

Mommies who just gave birth to their child who cannot go out of their houses.

And a lot more!

So if you think of competition - Ay marami na kasing nag-oonline grocery dito sa amin., Ay nag-oonline grocery na kasi yung mga supermarket dito.. Kung puro ka "ay", remember you only need 420 people to make it super profitable.

Kahit isang subdivision or isang condo lang yan kuhang-kuha na!

And be excited because I'm gonna teach you in OGPT how to find these people.

What a golden opportunity for you!

What Can You Get In The OGPT?

Ok let me discuss to you the schedule of our training.

There are two parts on this training.

First 5 lessons will be given to you on Aug 21 - Aug 25, 2017 (Mon - Fri) and we shall have an online meetup thru an exclusive webinar on Aug 26, 2017 (Sat).

Second 5 lessons will be given on Aug 28 - Sep 01, 2017 (Mon - Fri) and we shall have an online meetup thru an exclusive webinar on Sep 02, 2017 (Sat).

The 2 Saturdays will be also our Q and A Session.

And here's our 10 lessons that you'll actually be receiving as recorded videos:
Lesson 1: How To Find The Perfect Supplier For You - Aug 21, 2017 (Monday)
Supermarket or grocery stores can be seen almost everywhere so there's no reason you can't make this business.

But here's what you need to learn...
  • How to know if that supplier (supermarket or distributors) is the right and appropriate sources of grocery items for you.
  • The basic skills that enables you to approach a supplier the right way.
  • How to approach supermarket management so you can have a negotiation power even if your the one who approaches them.
  • The one kind setup for the sources of your grocery items so you can enjoy the benefits of having big discounts. (Which means you'll get more profit while your prices is the same as supermarket.)
  • The Upcoming E-Supplier Platform. With this platform you can find suppliers of grocery items without going to the supermarket. Once a customer orders in your site, you'll just forward the order to the supplier you've been choosen inside this platform and they're the one to pack the items for you. They even do delivery for you!
  • Why every physical grocery store needs to have an online channel in selling and how you can take advantage of this?
  • How to have an online grocery business if you cannot find a supplier.
Lesson 2: How To Identify The Best Logistics Option - Aug 22, 2017 (Tuesday)
If you don't have a vehicle for delivery, no problem!

Here's what you'll exactly get in this lesson...
  • How to deliver grocery orders without actually delivering it!
  • The different option for the logistics operation of your online grocery business.
  • How to unlock the secret delivery strategy when you acquire service from courier companies.
  • The newest strategy in delivering using the cheapest courier services of Transportify and Xend.Com.Ph
  • How to get more income with delivery fees?
  • How to get a lot of sales using your old vehicle for delivering orders.
  • How to compute your fuel and maintenance expenses. You'll be surprice that there is a way to minimize your expenses in fuel and maintenance.
  • The Upcoming E-Courier Platform. This is a platform that has the same concept of Transfortify or Xend. You can find cheap courier services near you and they are the one who will deliver the order of your customers.
Lesson 3: How To Properly List Grocery Items - Aug 23, 2017 (Wednesday)
You can actually start the business right away because I will give you a website fully loaded with grocery items but what if there are other items you want to add?

In this lesson you'll discover...
  • How to choose grocery items that customers buy regularly.
  • How to get the exclusive feature of copying an items you want to have that are present from other online store.
  • How to properly categorize items so it will be easily understood and that customers will be attracted to buy.
  • The Lanerack Method. Learn the right method in organizing grocery products so it will not be hard for you to gather and collect grocery items.
  • The Category Method. A practical way to arrange grocery orders.
  • The easiest way to find the grocery details without actually going to a supermarket.
Lesson 4: How Commission, Markup, Patronage Refund Are Computed And How You'll Get Paid - Aug 24, 2017 (Thursday)
In this lesson you'll discover...
  • How to make your online grocery business to sell itself.
  • How you can utilize the power of the Word of Mouth.
  • The Affiliate Marketing Platform. You have the ability to encourage your existing customers to market and promote your business to others for free.
  • How to compute the right pricing for your grocery items so your customer will focus their concern on convenience rather than on the price.
  • The Patronage Refund. How to make your customers buy only to you instead of going to supermarket or to your competitors.
  • Simplified Payment Options. A ready-made payment choices to make you customers pay you hassle free.
  • That almost any payment option will do in the Free Ecommerce Website I'm giving you.
Lesson 5: Your Business Breakthrough - The Free Ecommerce Website - Aug 25, 2017 (Friday)
Save a lot of capital on this lesson!

In this lesson you'll discover...
  • How to save your 50,000 pesos to 100,000 pesos on website creation.
  • That you can own an e-commerce website fully backed up with support without spending any cents to it. (Live chat support).
  • The Free E-commerce Website called The E-Store Platform. Why paying it in Shopify, Wix.com, or Bigcommerce while you can get the same features and benefits here for FREE.
  • The simplest way to build your online grocery business using the platform.
  • The website you'll be getting is totally free and no hidden charges will arise later.
First Q And A Session - Aug 26, 2017 (Saturday) - 10:00 AM
In this session we'll discuss...
  • 15 Minute Presentation
  • 1 Hour Website Checking
  • 1 Hour Q And A Session
  • Videos are recorded for those who can't attend
Lesson 6: How To Properly Setup Your Online Grocery Website - Aug 28, 2017 (Monday)
In this lesson you'll discover...
  • The Location Based Platform. You have the control what location you want your online grocery business serves.
  • How the free e-commerce website called E-Store can provide your customers easiness in ordering.
  • What are the right setup of your e-commerce website so you can optimize your sales.
  • You can reach customers from neighboring city, province, or even to other countries (How your online grocery can escalate and can be world wide).
  • How to market and make a lot of sale on your business using the non-significant features in your E-Store Admin Account.
  • How to market and sell using the Pre-Orders and the Members tab.
Lesson 7: The Cheapest Ways To Promote Your Online Grocery Business - Aug 29, 2017 (Tuesday)
In this lesson you'll discover...
  • A smarter way to advertise your online grocery business and get an immediate return of your investment.
  • How you can find dozens of unusual, but highly-responsive places to advertise your products for dirt-cheap prices.
  • The truth about free traffic that many "Internet marketing gurus" don't want you to know.
  • How to advertise your online grocery business on Facebook in minutes and create ads that I believe could generate lots of traffic to your site instantly.
  • How to stay focused on getting your online grocery business site up and running. (Lack of focus is the single biggest killer of fledgling online grocery business - I learned the hard way, but you don't have to!)
  • Proven strategies to get more customers online cheaper and faster.
  • How to easily discover which sources of leads are REALLY making you money (and quickly trash the ones that are sucking your time and profits)
  • How to build your first 420 customers and beyond...
Lesson 8: How To Use The Free Embedded Marketing Platform - Aug 30, 2017 (Wednesday)
Aside from cheap marketing strategies that we're going to discuss, there are also free marketing tools in the free e-commerce website.

In this lesson you'll discover...
  • The Attraction Marketing Platform. How you can solidly build a lot of customers by attracting them thru stories and articles.
  • The Ready-Made Email Marketing System. 98% of people who sees your products don't buy immediately but using the system they'll be notified every 3 days until they buy again and again
  • What are other ways to make all your customers to buy again and again.
  • The simply and clearly strategy to develop great relationship with your customers and be a celebrity in their eyes.
  • The Affiliate Marketing Platform. How to encourage your existing customers to invite other people to buy groceries only to you.
  • How you can command your customers to go to your website anytime you want to.
Lesson 9: Knowing The Business Permits, Taxation and Customer Care - Aug 31, 2017 (Thursday)
In this lesson you'll discover...
  • How to start this business legally even if your business permit is on the process.
  • Understand and know how to manage risk.
  • How to find the perfect bookkeeper to take care all your business permit processes so you can concentrate building your online grocery. (Learn how to identify and avoid bad accountants that could ruin your business)
  • How you can save a lot of money legally by knowing how the law of taxation works in business.
  • First Delivery Must Be You. The creamy physical strategy to build relationship and trust from your customers.
Lesson 10: The Revolt (Earn Money Faster) - Sep 01, 2017 (Friday)
In this lesson you'll discover...
  • How you can make grocery distributors like P&G, Uniliver, and URC to give you money for displaying their products on your website.
  • How can you make advetisers to advertise in you instead in mainstream media like TV Station, Radio or Newspaper.
  • How to generate a lot of money from advertising.
  • How you can position your online grocery business to prospect suppliers so that they're the one who will approach you.
  • The Advertising Platform. How you can accept advertising to your e-commerce website and make an additional source of income.
Second Q And A Session - Sep 02, 2017 (Saturday) - 10:00 AM
In this session we'll discuss...
  • 15 Minute Presentation
  • 1 Hour Website Checking
  • 1 Hour Q And A Session
  • Videos are recorded for those who can't attend
What if I am busy? How can I watch the lessons?

All the lessons are being sent to you as recorded videos except for the 2 Q and A session and these lessons will be sent every 6 AM each day so you'll have anytime to watch the lessons. Also, if you cannot attend the 2 Q and A sessions, I will also send you a recorded copy of it.

So here are what you get after the training:
  • Recorded videos for all the lessons. Just make sure to save the email ogptlessons@clavmall.com on your contacts so that once I sent you the lessons it will go directly to your email inbox and not somewhere else. Some email are being placed on the Promotion tab or on the Junk/Spam folder of your email account.
  • Recorded videos for the 2 Q and A Sessions.
  • Downloadable Video Copy - You can watch it as many time as you want even without an internet connection. You can watch the lessons during your breaktime or before you go to sleep.

What if I am an OFW how can I start this business?

I understand you can't start this business at this time kasi nasa ibang bayan ka pa, but...
  • This is a great opportunity for you now because while you are away you can learn this business through OGPT and when time comes you'll get back here in the Philippines you can start the business right away.
  • You can watch the lessons during your free time in your apartment and even you can review it when you go back here in the Philippines.

Wait, there's more…

You'll also get access to this valuable resources and support group.
  • I Will Do The Building Of Your Website For FREE. After you finish the 10 lessons of our training you'll just need to register to get the Fully Upgraded E-Store Account and tell me if you have finish it so I can start building your website and copying of the grocery items.
  • Access To The Readymade Marketing Funnels. When people sees your website, 98% of them won't buy immediately. It will take you so much effort to follow-up them one by one. But with a Readymade Marketing Funnel, the system will do that for you even if you already have 10,000 or 1 million customers.
  • Access To Affiliate Marketers. When you establish an Online Grocery Business thru this training, you'll have instant access to the Affiliate Marketers of Clavmall. These are the people who will promote your online grocery store. This way you don't need to hire people to market your business because instantly there are already hundreds of people who are waiting for you to establish an online grocery business. Once you've established it, they'll market it.
  • I Will Show Some Supplier For You. During the training I'll be introducing you some of our grocery suppliers. You can take advantage of lowering your prices while gaining much higher profit and selling at a regular price when you get supplies directly from suppliers (manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers).
  • Join Our Weekly Meetup With All The Online Grocery Owners. I'm not the only one who can help you building this business. We have a community of online grocery business owners and we conducted exclusive webinar once every month. You'll get instant access on this webinar.

Listen To What My Past Trainee Have To Say

Nick Trinidad Nick Trinidad, owner of Pagsanjan Online Grocery, an online grocery in Pagsanjan.

"The OGPT training is best and I highly recommend this training to others who wanted to own an online grocery business. All the modules are good and with pertinent details. I'm optimistic that anyone who start an online grocery business will succeed because the training's topic is relevant to our present lifestyle where we need time "Time is Valuable than Money."

Arman Viacrucis Arman Viacrucis, owner of Viamart, an online grocery in Baguio City.

"I was already thinking this business noong una until I find this training and it enables me to start right away."

Rosalinda Rayo Rosalinda Rayo, owner of Aling Linda Sari-sari Store Online, an online grocery in Pasig City.

"I am really grateful for helping me along the way, sir Francis Clavano, everyday is a learning process even after the 10 lessons. Nothing is too small to know, and nothing is too big to attempt. Maraming salamat for having good intentions to help our kababayan by sharing your ideas and for reaching out. God bless!"

Yna Estanero Yna Estanero, owner of Happy Helper, an online grocery in Lucena City.

"The training is easily understood, even for someone that is not internet savvy. I could say the training is very inspiring as it empowers students to do well online. I have learned many things from this training, and the energy of the trainer is very contagious. His passion shows in every class and so it is inspiring to do well in Online Grocery."

Junnefer Gabinete Junnefer Gabinete, owner of JL Toledo Online Grocery, an online grocery in Toledo City.

"Maraming salamat po sa mga trainings na binigay mo sa akin at salamat din po sa ginawa mong fully loaded items na wesite, marami po akong natutunan dito, at napakalaking tulong po ito sa aking pagsisimula ng online grocery business."

Carter Espino Carter Espino, owner of Ocean Care Grocery in Binan Laguna.

"OGPT training is a must-have training to avail to those selling not only to Grocery products online but also to all tangible and physical product sellers out there. Newbie entrepreneurs and no technical savvy will be most benefited from this training."

They are just a few of my students who are now experiencing the fruits of having an Online Grocery Business thru this training.

But Francis, I'm New To This Kind Of Business

Don't worry. Online Grocery Prosperity Training (OGPT) is great for beginners in online business like you. I'll take you by the hand and guide you so you can start making money on your online grocery in 10 days or less.

Most of my students are new to online grocery business. They never made any money online prior to joining my training program. But, in just few weeks after the class, they're now making money.

You want PROOF? This is a Facebook post from two of my past students Yna Estanero of Happy Helper, an online grocery in Lucena City and Carter Espino of Ocean Care Grocery, an online grocery in Biñan, Laguna.

First Sale 1

First Sale 2

Just like you, they are new to online grocery business and they're not super smart in computers either. They just simply followed my step-by-step instructions on the training and now they're making money. Soon, they'll make a lot of money.

How Much Is This Training?

By now, you must be excited to enroll in this premier training and start making serious money online. But before I jump into the details, let's first compare a traditional business like a grocery outlet franchise vs. an online grocery business that I'm sharing to you.

First, in a physical grocery outlet franchise, you'll need a minimum of 1 Million pesos franchise fee. Second, you'll need an initial stock of P500, 000.

At kung gusto mo sa magandang location, yung matao like sa mall, expect additional P75,000 per month and a P225,000 for three months security deposit.

In total, you'll need at least P1,725,000 to start a grocery outlet franchise business. Initial expense pa lang yan ha, wala ka pang monthly operational expenses tulad ng bayad sa tubig at kuryente. No doubt, it requires you to invest a lot of money at mahirap pang humanap ng empleyado na mapagkakatiwalaan mo. Yung hindi ka kukupitan, lolokohin, at lalayasan.

Fact is, not many Pinoys have P1,725,000 savings to invest in a physical grocery business. Napakalaking halaga niyan.

On the other hand, I can teach you how to start an online grocery business that you can run part-time from home and can give you P50,000, P100,000, or even P1 Million per month of income.

But I will not ask you to invest P1,725,000 as enrollment fee, that's pretty big amount. Not even P500,000, or P100,000.

To enroll in my Online Grocery Prosperity Training, the investment is just a onetime payment of P24,895. That's a tiny investment compared to what you’ll need in starting a high-risk business like a grocery outlet. Remember, I'll train you in a one on one mentoring and you will have priority Facebook or email access to me during the training period especially on the Q and A sessions. Plus, you'll also get access to my private Facebook group where you'll receive a LIFETIME support from our growing community of online grocery owners.

Carter Espino "The OGPT training teaches me how to form my Grocery Business from scratch of building my FREE website to finished. The tutorial video training is easy to follow and a step-by-step guide. It's like you have a live coach with you holding your hands helping you in going through every steps along the way. And above all, if your time is limited and you want to avoid painful mistake (like most of us did in building our website when we are not yet on the training) and you want to speed up building your online Grocery business, this is the training that you've been looking for. Don't waste your time- "time is gold"- I highly recommend to go enroll to OGPT training!" - Carter Espino

Now after enrolling to the training, you will also be receiving this amazing bonuses:

Bonus #1 - 3 eBooks On How To Market Your Business Online

I did not directly get all the 420 customers I've shown you above. I only had 82 of them at first.

Then I encouraged these 82 customers to invite another 338 people to buy groceries on my website.

How did I do that?

Aside from our Lesson 7 and Lesson 8 that teaches you how to market your online grocery business, I’ll also be giving you 3 eBooks that will guide you for a more effective marketing strategy over the internet.

I sell these eBooks at 4,495 pesos but if you enroll in this training I will give you all of these for FREE.

First Sale

Bonus #2 - Instant Access To The E-Marketing Platform

Even before you plan to enroll on this training there are already a lot of Marketers on this program ready to market your online grocery business.

Once you finish the training and establish your online grocery, these marketers will do the marketing and promotion for you.

They will be the one who will find customers for you!

These marketers are being listed in a system called E-Marketing Platform and you'll be given access to it for Free once you enroll to this training.

Bonus #3 - Instant Access To The E-Supplier Platform

Once you are registered in the training, you'll be given instant access to E-Supplier Platform to find suppliers (distributors, manufacturers, or wholesalers) of grocery products.

Once a customer orders in your website, the suppliers through this platform will then be the one who’ll do the packing for you.

What's great is that some of these suppliers can even do the delivery for you!

This way you don't need to have a delivery vehicle or to tap a courier provider which means you can have a business that you can do at the comfort of your home.

Bonus #4 - Future Access To The E-Courier Platform

However, if you can't find delivery for the orders of your customers, you can also instantly access the list containing the cheapest courier services available in your area on the E-Courier Platform.

Once E-Courier platform is fully launched, you'll get instant access to it!

So if we are going to summed up the value of all the features included in this training, it will be...

Main Features:
1. 10 Lessons of OGPT = Php 18,895
2. eCommerce Website = Php 100,000
3. Hosting Payment (1 Yr) = Php 17,300
4. Copying Of Grocery Items = Php 10,000

Other Features:
1. I Will Do The Building Of Your Website For FREE. = Php 0.00
2. Access To The Readymade Marketing Funnels. = Php 10,000
3. Access To Affiliate Marketers. = Php 50,000
4. I Will Show Some Supplier For You. = Php 54,000
5. Join Our Weekly Meetup With All The Online Grocery Owners. = Php 5,400

Bonus Features:
Bonus #1 - 3 eBooks On How To Market Your Business Online = Php 4,495
Bonus #2 - Instant Access To The E-Marketing Platform = Php 5,000
Bonus #3 - Instant Access To The E-Supplier Platform = Php 5,000
Bonus #4 - Future Access To The E-Courier Platform = Php 3,000

Grand Total = Php 283,090

The total value of all this features is 283,090 pesos but I will not ask you that much. As a registration fee for the training, you only need to pay 24,895 pesos.

One more thing, to make this deal even sweeter for you I'm also giving you a…


    How would you know if a program is right for you? You try it and see for yourself right? And this is what I'm offering you right now.

    This is how it works.

    Enroll in this training and then attend our first lesson on Aug 21. If you're not happy with it, for whatever reason (kahit di mo lang trip boses ko), just email me before the second day of training and I will give you a FULL refund. No questions asked. No hard feelings. Friends pa din tayo.

I'm sure you'll agree that not many trainings or programs can give you a money back guarantee. Why? Because many people can claim they can teach you how to make money online but only few can back it up with actual income results.

Modesty aside, I sold over 1 Million Pesos of products in the last 12 months. And I have lots of students that can attest to how my mentoring program changed their lives too.

That's why I have the "guts" to offer you a 100% money back guarantee. If you decided to back out before our 2nd lesson, send me your bank account information and I'll deposit the full refund to your bank account. Or if you enrolled with your credit card I will credit it back to you in 3-5 business days.

You won't find any better deal than this.

But Wait... I Am Giving You A Discount If You Enroll Today!

We have just decided to offer a 36% discount for those first 10 persons who will enroll today.

I am giving you 9,000 discount if you belong to the first 10 person and will enroll until Aug 21, 2017.

So instead of 24,895 pesos, you can enroll for a very low price of only 15,895 pesos.

That's 36% discount!!!

But you should act now as I am only giving this discount to the first 10 person who will enroll until Aug 21, 2017, whichever comes first.

9,000 Pesos Discount - ₱ 15,895 Until Aug 21, 2017, 11:59 PM, For The First 10 Enrollees


Training Starts On Aug 21, 2017


Click Here To Enroll!

₱ 24,895 ₱ 15,895

Para sa magaang buhay,

My Sales
Francis Clavano
Creator Of Clavmall

P.S. Remember there is a price for Procrastination! The first time I launched this premier training it only cost 1,199 pesos as an enrollment fee. But along the way our expenses shoots up which force us to raise the enrollment fee more than 20 times. Those who have enrolled earlier enjoy the benefit of paying the lowest rate.

Now take this into consideration that the E-Marketing Platform, the E-Supplier Platform and the E-Courier Platform was not yet fully launch but once we 100% release it you should expect an abrupt increase of our enrollment fee. So while it's not yet happening and you have a discount now plus a money back gurantee, enroll right away!

And after we release these platforms our enrollment fee will continue to rise again and again, we are forecasting it that by the end of 2017 it will go up to 50,000 pesos. So enroll now while its low, discounted and guaranteed!

Note: "Once you enroll today, any additional feature we'll going to release soon will be given to you instantly at no extra cost."

Another thing is that the reason I made this training as a scheduled training because I can no longer handle it from time to time as I am also attending the operations of my own online grocery business here in Davao.

Warning!!! Maybe I may not hold any training after this one!

So while this training is available now it would be wise to enrol today.

Click Here To Enroll!.

Nenita Carlos "OGPT has been very helpful to me and I'm sure to all the students as well. Everything is there, the training is very informative and is really helpful in putting up my online grocery business, I've learned so many information especially in promoting my online store because honestly I have small knowledge when it comes to computers. But sir Francis is a big help, I watched the trainings repeatedly. Thank you sir you shared your items in our store, you have been so responsive to our questions, and very much kindhearted that you gave the E-Store for Free. You are very hands on to our trainings that is why you are really an inspiration to the team." - Nenita Carlos

Frequent Ask Questions (FAQs)

"Some supermarket in my place are already doing online grocery, can I still do it?"

Definitely YES! Remember this is just momentarily. You can't beat them when it comes to prices. But you can beat them when it comes to building customer relationship and trust... And that is what we will be talking about in Lesson 7 and 8.

Also on the E-Supplier platform, we will find a way that you will be getting grocery supplies directly to distributors or manufacturers. This way you can earn more while lowering your price. Even lower than the supermarket!

When I started my online grocery business there is already supermarket who are doing that one but still I earn more than what I expected!

"I'm new to online business, is this program right for me?"

Absolutely! I created this unique training to help people like you who are new to online business selling groceries. And even if you're not very good in computer, this is the right program for you.

I will teach you step-by-step how to launch an online grocery business that can give you more than 100,000 pesos a month or even more. A unique business that will give you money, time, and freedom that you've been dreaming of.

"What if I can't follow the training lessons?"

Walang problema. If you enroll now, you'll get a complete copy of the 10 lessons and the 2 Q and A sessions in video format (audio format can be also available). You can listen to it from your laptop, iPhone, or other mobile devices.

So whatever you are doing either you are jogging, waiting in line, or on your way to your office, you can listen to it. It's like me training you 24/7.

"Will you be there to answer any questions that I have?"

Yes. You'll have a direct contact with me during the training period. Aside from our Q And A Sessions, you can send me emails or chat on our FB Page and ask me anything about online grocery business. Lahat ng tanong sa isip mo about this business, you can ask me.

And I'll give you my expert advice so you can build your online grocery business and grow your income fast.

Plus you'll have an exclusive access to our private Facebook group where you can get support and encouragement from our community.

"Do you have installment payment options?"

No. I only accept one time payment.

"What equipment do I need to get into the lessons?

You just need a computer/mobile device and internet connection. No need for extremely fast internet. You can even watch it offline! And you don't need to travel somewhere else. Learn on my training at the comfort of your home or office.

"But I'm not good in computer. Will this program help me?"

As long as you know the basic use of computer and you can follow simple instructions, you should be OK. Plus, I'm giving you a free e-commerce website filled with grocery items so you don't have to worry about the technicalities of setting up your website.

For more questions you can contact me on my email at francisclavano@clavmall.com or you can chat me at our FB Fan Page.

P.S.S. Remember, I'm giving you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. There's no risk for you at all. Just give it a try. Attend our first lesson on Aug 21. If you're unhappy for whatever reason, let me know before the second lesson and I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked. No hard feelings. Friends pa din tayo.

But you have to enroll now. The enrollment for OGPT is until Aug 20 ONLY. After that date, we will decline any application.

Go ahead and enroll now.

Click Here To Enroll!

₱ 24,895 ₱ 15,895

Para sa magaang buhay,
Francis Clavano
Clavmall Gen. Manager
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