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How To Cater People Not In The Area You Are Serving?

If you have a prospect customers that is located in the location you are not serving. Shall we say, for example, your E-Store is serving only in Cebu and you have a prospect customers who is in Metro Manila, you need to redirect him/her to the E-Store located in Metro Manila.

There are two ways you can do this and you need to be very careful in executing these steps.

Step 1. Let Them Register To YOUR OWN WEBSITE
Step 2. Point Them To The E-Store Serving On Their Location

Step 1. Let Them Register To YOUR OWN WEBSITE

1. This is a very important step you need to take so make sure to carefully do this first.

2. Let them register as a buying customer to your own website. Though they are not from the location you are serving, you can allow them to register to your website.

Give them this link first >> https://www.lagunagrocery.clavmall.com

3. The reason for this is that you need to make them as your downlines so that once he/she buys any item on other E-Store, you can still recieve commission. You can only make them as a downline customers once they register thru your own E-Store.

4. So make sure first that they have successfully registered on your website before you proceed on the next step. However, if you are not concern with the affiliation and not concern about getting commission, you can directly point them on the next step.

Step 2. Point Them To The E-Store Serving On Their Location

1. After you let them registered successfully on your website, give them now the link to the Main Website of Clavmall.

Give them this link after they register on your website >> https://www.clavmall.com

2. On the main site, tell them to put their location by clicking "Click Here To Search An Estore" button. They need to provide their Province, Municipality or City they're located, and their Barangay before they click the Search Icon.

3. After that, all the E-Store available to serve on the location they place on the Search An Estore area will be shown on the main site. They just need to choose an E-Store and login using the login details they registered on your E-Store.

That's it!

4. Once they successfully buy products on the choosen E-Store that can serve on their location, you will earn commission.