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  Intro. Understanding Raffle Marketing
  Step 1. Accessing/Downloading the files needed
  Step 2. Posting the Raffle
  Step 3. Editing the Raffle Text
  Step 4. Replying to participants
  Step 5. Watch the Video Instruction

Intro. Understanding Raffle Marketing.
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    Raffle Marketing Strategy is a great way to acquire lots of customers to your online store. There are two types of Raffles that we will be conducting. One is from Clavmall where we will use our own FB Fanpage to post the raffle. This is what we call the General Raffle Post.

    Second is from you where you will use yur own FB Fanpage as a medium to post your own Raffle. We can call this an Individual Raffle Post.

    The great thing about this kind of raffle is that it is not you who will give the prices instead it is Clavmall who will provide and will send the prices to the winning customer wether that customer joins thru the General Raffle or in your own Individual Raffle.

    I will not instruct you how the General Raffle is being done because it is CLavmall who will take care of it. To do the Individual Raffle, there are some steps you need to take to create it with your online store.

Step 1. Accessing/Downloading the files needed.
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  1. Access and download the necessary files you need to use for your own raffle, just leave it in your web browser open.
  2. Access the Raffle Template link >>
  3. Access the Raffle Replies link >>
  4. Download the Raffle Image link >> You may also want to download the Raffle Video but I would highly suggest you use the Raffle Image instead. For your option here's the Raffle Video link >>
  5. To download the image or the video, right click in any area of the image or video page as shown below. Click "Save image as" in the drop down menu ("Save video as" for the raffle video) and then save that file in your computer (advisable in your computer desktop). For this instruction, I use Google Chrome browser however just search the Google how to do it in other web browser and how to do it also in mobile and tablet.

Step 2. Posting the Raffle.
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  1. Go to your own FB Fanpage for your online store and the "Write something" choose "Share a photo or video" then "Upload Photos/Video" as shwon below.

  2. Upload the Raffle Image (or the Raffle Video) by going to the directory where you save it after downloading it in Step 1.

  3. Go to the Raffle Template and copy its whole text. Right click in any area of the pagy and click "Copy" on the drop-down menu.

  4. Then paste the Raffle Template text into the "Share a Photo or Video" dialogue box of your FB Fanpage as shown below.

Step 3. Editing the Raffle Text.
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  1. In the text of the Raffle Template, you would see the line "[url of this item to your estore]" in the choices of items as shown below. You need to change that line of text to the actual url of the particular product in your E-Store Website.

  2. To do that just go to your E-Store Website (for this sake we take Davao Groceries website as an example) and search every item of the raffle's choices. Then click the item so it wil redirect to its page.

  3. In the page of that particular item (Nestea for this example), highlight the url in the address bar.

  4. Copy it and paste it in the Raffle Template posted in your FB Fanpage by replacing the line "[url of this item to your estore]" of the Nestea. See image below.

  5. Do this for all the choices and then click "Publish" button so that your raffle post will now be live in your FB Fanpage

Step 4. Replying to participants.
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  1. After you post your Raffle Post and people will start to make comments on it (people need to comment their letter of choice to qualify for the raffle), you need to respond to their answers. Facebook will let your post reach more poeple if they see it having more engagement and replying to participant's comments will make it more engaging. To do that you go now to the Raffle Replies
  2. Change the line "[url of item A to your estore]" to the actual link of the product in your E-Store Website. The image below shows an example how replies are being done.

Step 5. Watch the Video Instruction.
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    CLEARER INSTRUCTIONS ON OUR RAFFLE MARKETING STRATEGY Guys, ito yung edited video instruction kung papaano mo gawin ang raffle marketing strategy sa FB Fanpage mo. Ito yung topic natin last Saturday but because a lot of errors have arisen, denivelop namin ito ng mabuti. Kaya a lot of changes has been made along the way at yan ang ipapakita ko sa inyo sa steps na to. Step 1. You need to download the Raffle Image into your computer. Raffle Image Link >> Step 2. Go to your Online Grocery FB Fanpage and upload this image from your computer to your Fanpage. Choose mo yung "Share a photo or video" na option. Step 3. Copy and paste the Raffle Post Template into the "Say about this photo" box. Raffle Post Template Link >> Step 4. Replace lahat ng [provide your estore url] ng totoong url ng items sa website mo. Kung wala ang item na yun sa website mo, idelete mo nalang sa post mo. Step 5. Then click mo yung "Publish" na button. So that's it, invite all your friends sa FB account mo to participate on this raffle. By the way ito yung link ng General Raffle Post natin >> As I've said in the video sa baba, huwag ong copyahin ang General Raffle Post natin kasi random na estore ang nasa link ng mga items. Gawin mo yung 5 steps sa baba para sa raffle mo. Latly, sa lahat ng gustong mag sponsr ng prices, we are accepting it. Announce lang namin after nitong raffle na to. Thank you...

    Posted by Start An Online Grocery Business on Tuesday, November 28, 2017