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  Step 1. Prepare basic needs before you set up.
  Step 2. Register To Get An E-Store Account.
  Step 3. Location - Assign a location where your E-Store serves.
  Step 4. Items - Upload your products.
  Step 5. Understand Payment Process.
  Step 6. Payment - Assigning Payment Option.
  Step 7. Orders - Monitor Orders.
  Step 8. Profile - Edit your profile picture.
  Step 9. Know Our Support.

Step 1. Prepare basic needs before you set up.
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  1. In order to receive payments from your customers you need to have bank accounts, money remittances, paypal account, etc. Paypal account is needed if you want to accept credit card payment from your customers.
  2. You must be capable to deliver your products to the location you will specify. You can either personally do the delivery, ask courier (LBC, JRS, etc.) to deliver it, or you can have a partner who will do the logistics.
  3. An internet connection so you can open your E-Store Website and E-Store Admin Account.

Step 2. Register To Get A FREE E-Store Account.
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  1. Create an account by going into this link Register An Estore.
  2. If you already registered then login here Go To My Account.

Video for Step 1 And 2

Step 3. Location - Assign a location where your E-Store serves.
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Video For Step 3

Once you assign a location to your E-Store, your business will be visible to any customer who lived on that location. To do this you need to:

1.  On your Admin Account, go to "Location" tab

2.  Fill in all the location you can serve with your E-Store as shown below.

3.  In assigning location, include also the delivery charge, minimum delivery amount, and the delivery time per location.

4.  After filling this up you'll be ready to upload files..

Step 4. Items - Upload your products.
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Video For Step 4 - Part 1

Video For Step 4 - Part 2

1.  On uploading products, go to "Items" tab

2.  Click "+ Add Item" button

3.  Then you will be redirected to the Add Item Page as shown below.

4.  Put the necessary names and description, and its category / subcategory then click "Save".

5.  Take note of this, if there is no category / subcategory found in the choices that suits for your product, please ask and suggest to our personnel to have it.

6.  To place prices for your products, you need to classify them according to its type if there is any.

7.  Place each type and prices of your products in the "Add List" form provided that can be found at the bottom part as shown in the picture below.

8.  The example above is for the prices and pictures of Nescafe products with different types and sizes.

9.  Please take note to click the Supplier's Status to "On" before you proceed for another product.

10.  To view how your item looks like on the live page. Click "Go To Page" found at the upper part of your Item's Page.

Step 5. Understand Payment Process.
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1.  There are two ways a customer pays you (E-Store Owner). Either they pay it before delivering through credit card, money remittance, bank transfer, etc. directly to you or they pay it Cash on Delivery.

     Option 1: Pay Before Delivery (PBD) - If the customer pays it before delivering, here's the process:

     Option 2: Cash On Delivery (COD) - If the customer pays it after delivering (COD), here's the process:

Step 6. Payment - Assigning Payment Option.
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Video For Step 6

When customer pays his order via PBD (Pay Before Delivery), you as an E-Store owner needs to setup payment option. This can be done using your Admin Account so customer pays directly to you before you deliver. If you allow Cash On Delivery option, you need also to set it on this step. To do this please do the following:

1.  Go to the "Payment" tab of your Admin Account.

2.  On the drop down menu named "Select Your Payment Option", select a type of payment option you will allow how customer pays you.

3.  On "Your Payment Option Details", place the details of the payment option you want to choose. As an example below, I choose "BPI" with details such as Account Name and Account Number. Please make sure you add account details to make sure your customer knows where to pay. After that click "Add +" button.

4.  Finally a BPI option has been added. You can add more option upto what is available on the drop down menu, if you want to add other option to the selection just contact us so we can add it.

Step 7. Orders - Monitor Orders.
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Video For Step 7

Orders from your customers go directly into your Admin Account. When the customer pays it online or COD (payment process was discussed on the video of Step 7), thats the time you can deliver the order. In order for you to get the list of customer's order, do the following:

1.  To monitor orders, go to "Orders" tab.

2.  Click the Client Name and a drop down menu will tell you what you can do.

3.  When an order arrived on your Admin Account, its status will be "Paid" if the customer pays it already or "Confirmed" if it is for COD.

4.  To view the orders of your customer, click "Show Order By Clavmall Price" on the drop down menu and you will be directed to the list of ordered products by your customer as shown below. Print it to collect the items from your stocks (or collect it from your supplier if there is any).

5.  If the order is ready and for delivery, you need to update its status from "Paid" or "Confirmed" to "Delivering" by clicking "Update Orders" on the drop down menu.

6.  And eventually after "Delivering" to "Done" when delivery and the whole process is finally made.

Step 8. Profile - Edit your profile picture.
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Video For Step 8

1.  You can now view how your E-Store looks like on the live page. On the upper portion of every page you can see a link called "Store URL". Click that link to go to your E-Store live page. Here is an example of a live E-Store page:

2.  As you can see there are two major picture in your E-Store. Profile and Cover picture. You can change that two in your Admin Account. To do this go to "Profile" tab of your Admin Account.

3.  Take note that your Profile Picture can be of any size. The system will resize it automatically. But with Cover Picture you really need to size it to 967 x 150 pixel using picture editor like MS Paint before uploading it.

Step 9. Know Our Support
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If you have more queries on the operation of E-Store, don't hesitate to contact us by emailing at Or you may call on our hotline at

Globe   09778557778

Now that you have learned how to set up your E-Store, just give us 2 to 3 weeks to prepare our affiliates in promoting and advertising your E-Store.

We will make strategies on how we can market your products or services, 2-3 weeks is enough for us to prepare.

Thank you and you may now continue to set up your E-Store.