When I started my online grocery business here in Davao City, it was a success!

Bakit? Because of our City Mayor’s good governance here.

At ano naman ang relationship nyan sa success ng business ko?

Malalaman mo yan sa isang video na ginawa ko and I hope you watch it because it's very important na malaman mo ang mga impormasyon nito.

Lalong-lalo na ngayon na si Mayor na ang ating magiging pangulo ng bansa.

Malalaman mo ang implikasyon nito kung magse-setup ka rin ng online grocery business jan mismo sa lugar ninyo?

At maiintindihan mo rin kung gaano ka significant yung magagawa ng ating Pangulo sa magiging online grocery business mo dyan sa inyo.

So watch my video blog that talks about this topic by clicking the video!

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If you have questions and concerns please don't hesitate to comment below.

Para sa magaang buhay,
Francis Clavano
Working Husband, Commuter, Internet Entrepreneur
Our business is operating legitimately. Click here to view our permits
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