Hi, my name is Francis Clavano. I am the creator of Clavmall, it's an online mall with a website http://www.clavmall.com/.

Comparing to a physical mall, it has the same concept. A physical mall comprises of a physical store such as department store, tenant store, restaurant, hardware and supermarket.

While Clavmall, an online mall, is made up of an online store such as online department store, online hardware, online restaurant, online bookstore and even Online Grocer or Online Supermarket.

As of this moment while I was writing this blog, I focus on inviting people to create an Online Grocery Business.

Anyone who are interested to do this kind of business are welcome to acquire it using the system of Clavmall called E-Store.

E-Store or Electronic Store is a platform of Clavmall that allows any business to create an online store including online grocery.

It is a ready-made and a ready to use website that you can get by signing up in Clavmall's website, same concept as signing a Fan Page in Facebook.

Now, the reason why I write this blog post is to show you that there are big differences when you build a sari-sari store than an online grocery business.

And I would like to enumerate it on the following:

1. Quantity - Sari-sari store can only display limited products because it's physical store has a limited space and the number of items that can be displayed is dependent on the initial capital a sari-sari store owner has. While online grocery, you can display unlimited grocery items because it's limit is the web space of the website, which is big enough to display the whole grocery items available in the supermarket. Also in online grocery, you don't need a big capital, surprisingly you don't need any capital, after all, items will only be purchase in the supermarket after a customer orders it through your website or E-Store in Clavmall.

2. Coverage - Sari-sari store can only sell their items to the people that surrounds their physical store. That can only be their neighbor surrounding their store. However, online grocery can cover the whole province or city and even it can serve the whole Philippines as long as logistics can handles it. But for start-up, you can first target your municipality or your city.

3. Initial Capital - Because you need to have a physical building and you need to buy initial grocery items to be displayed in a sari-sari store, that also needs you to spend big initial capital. As of this moment, initial capital for a sari-sari store business could range from 20k to 50k pesos depending on the physical store you will build. While online grocery can be ZERO initial capital! Shocking? Yes you can start it at no cost because E-Store that I will allow you to use is FREE for startup. And as I say, you only buy grocery items in the supermarket after a customer orders it through your E-Store.

4. Price - Prices for the items in the sari-sari store can range from 20% to 30% compare to supermarket while Online Grocery can only range from 5% to 10%. Now if you can get supplies of your grocery directly from the distributor which can give you up to 20% discount then you can have prices in your online grocery lower than that of the supermarket.

So these are the four major difference of putting a sari-sari store than an online grocery business.

Now if you want to know more about how to put up an Online Grocery Business, I have an ongoing online video training/seminar.

This training will equip you with full knowledge and ultimate skills you need to build an online grocery business.

I said a while ago that you don't need to spend any to start online grocery but if you could spend a little bit to gain knowledge and skills, then you can invest some 2k plus for the training.

Comparing if you spend 50k or more to build a sari-sari store, you need only to spend 2k to build online grocery and that spending is actually not for your business but for your own learning.

I include in the training the website and how it can be used to the full, a marketing platform called affiliation, and an unlimited bonus lessons that I'll give you so your learning and gaining knowledge and skills will not end.

Lastly, in the training I'll be teaching you a marketing strategy that is being used by successful online entrepreneur nowadays called Attraction Marketing. If you become expert on this then nothing can ever stop you to be successful in any online business you are going to have including your online grocery business.

So I highly encourage you to join in the training by going to this link: http://www.clavmall.com/getgroceryestore/getgroceryestore.php

Please don't forget to watch the video above to know more about the topic.

Thank You!

If you have questions and concerns please don't hesitate to comment below.

Para sa magaang buhay,
Francis Clavano
Working Husband, Commuter, Internet Entrepreneur
Our business is operating legitimately. Click here to view our permits
Online Grocery Prosperity Training

Give me an hour a day for 10 straight days to teach you step by step How to Build an Online Grocery Business and after 10 days I will going to give you a Fully Upgraded E-Store that is Already Loaded with Grocery Items so you can start the business right away and make a lot of money!

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