Naranasan mo na bang ma-ban or mablock sa pagpopost o pagjojoin ng facebook groups dahil sa kapopost ng mga gusto mong ibenta?

Dahil ako, I experience the same way too kahit na I followed all the policy.

Bakit ba nangyayari yun kahit na you are following all the instructions rightly?

Kasi nga facebook is mainly not for business, para ito sa pakikipag-socialize kaya nga tinatawag na social networking diba?

And facebook wants you to avail their paid ads for you to post your business promotions.

Thats a reality that we should be in mind. So do not post so much on facebook groups or even in page though facebook page are design for business but still there are limitation you should look into.

Now I would like to say things that could stop you from being blocked in posting sa Facebook.

You can actually use an autoposter. But be aware so much with the rules that an autoposter suggests.

One rule that you should in mind is the time interval for your posting. My suggestion is 30 minutes.

Lower than 30 minutes can possible make you ban from posting.

And be reminded also that you need to autopost at most 2 messages and secure that they don't post the same time.

Maybe you can make an interval of 15 minutes from one message to another.

Also, take advantage of using Spintax, what is this?

It is a tool to spin unlimited phrases or words and create different combinations to paste in a field. Once published, each group or page will see a different message.

So possible kasi facebook will not consider you as spammer because they will think you post different messages.

Also, viewers who sees your post won't report it as spam coz they won't see repetitive post.

Hope I give you valuable information on how you can post in facebook groups the right way.

But if you really want to maximize your marketing strategy with your business then I suggest do not do it in facebook.

You will waste lots of money and time. Though you get some customers but it wont last.

Why? Because there's no one to follow-up them. Maybe you can follow-up but you have limited time and energy.

If you really want to succeed and aim for big, you need someone to assist your on your marketing program.

There are a lot of marketing programs online that is free of charge.

One is our own free marketing program. We let you acquire a ready-to-use online store for your business, upload your products there and we will command our affiliate personnel to market your products.

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