1. As much as possible, start getting supplies by manual picking of the grocery items.

Start with manual picking of supplies. Why? because you need to start as early as possible. Doing manual is the easiest way to get instant supplies for your online grocery. Do not approach to supermarket or distributor immediately, try to let them discover you and your business. They are really eager to acquire your business because having e-commerce business for groceries in the Philippines is now rising.

And most of all if supermarket or distributor will be the first to discover and call you, you will have the bargaining power when you meet them. So very advantageous to you when it comes to negotiation.

2. Find a grocery store that is starting or going down.

Do not go for a grocery store or supermarket that is already big. I mean as much as possible try to find a supermarket that sales are down. Maybe an almost closing supermarket would be most advantageous. If you offer them your service as online grocery, they feel so lucky to have you. Of course online grocery could be a way to make their sales back to high.

Same also with startup grocery store, they need to increase their sales asap, so you have an edge.

3. Always look for a way you can get discounts from supplier.

Do not immediately decide putting marked up on the prices of every items. Find a way you can get discounts. Suppliers are really willing to give discounts, you only need to be persistence in asking discounts.

4. Do not agree on certain matters that is not satisfiable to you.

During the negotiation put it in your mind not to say ok if certain agreement does not agreeable to you. Do not be in hurry to finish the deal. Try to figure it out how you could get all what you need.

5. Make sure you have a specific person you can be of contact from the supplier.

Do not leave the negotiation without you securing a direct contact person from supermarket or distributor. They are your key person once you start your operation. If something goes wrong or something goes not as plan, you have someone who can call on to.

6. Do not agree to be exclusive in one supplier.

Unless a supermarket meets all your requirements then you can agree on exclusiveness. However give priority in proposing to get higher discounts specially in supermarket. Now if they can give you viable discounts then go for exclusivity.

But in distributor, do not ever go for exclusiveness. You will tie your neck to them like a dog. Distributors has limited products so go as many distributors as you can to have more products.

7. Always ask for a meeting with your supplier.

It is very important to have connections with them every now and then. Just ask for a meeting then present to them your updates or maybe another valuable proposal to improve your and their operations.

8. Have a good relationship with people in charge in cashier and packaging.

So the most people that you need to relate well are those people that you always see every time you fetch an order. Have a good talk with them and make friends with them. As long as you would not violate the agreement regarding the no employee-employee relationship, just be a friend to them.

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