The internet has changed our lifestyle a lot. It has also changed the way we communicate, the way we socialize and even the way we buy things. The existence of Lazada, Alibaba and Amazon is just a proof that online buying of items is effective.

Bill Gates once said, "If your business is not on the internet then your business will be out of business". This is so prophetic and is somehow felt by some businesses nowadays!

Hi, my name is Francis Clavano, I am the creator and founder of, an Online Mall website. I help business owners, those who planned to have business and unemployed individual to create an online grocery business wherever they are in the Philippines using Clavmall so they could have a business that produces a continuous flow of income and a business that is helping others through their services specially OFW's and people who don't have time to buy their daily needs.

I also help mothers and tired employees to have an online business through affiliate marketing program by promoting the online grocery business built by those who owns it so they can have a home base business that can be an avenue for mothers to stay at home taking care of their children or employees to quit their oppressive job.

If you search on Google, you could see certain numbers of online grocery operating in other countries and even here in the Philippines. But have you ever wonder you can have these business too? Have you ever taught that instead of opening a sari-sari store which limits the items you can sell and limits the location you can serve, you can own an online supermarket and serve even up to other provinces and other cities near you?

Me too came across that idea to own an online grocery business. And I was puzzled how I can start one. Maybe because I don't have enough capital, I don't have connections to any grocery distributors for the supplies of grocery, and I don't have enough money to hire a programmer to build a fancy website for my online grocery. Plus I even struggle to think how could I deliver orders to my customers as I don't have a delivery vehicle yet.

Luckily, one of my hobbies is basic programming which leads me to study web programming and eventually made me to create a website for my online grocery. Last June 2015, I started my online grocery business at a very minimal capital because I made a website without hiring a programmer and I only get grocery supplies once a customer orders it online. And by using my old personal car, delivering grocery orders was not hard for me. Practically, I was able to start my online grocery business by investing only Php 5000 as a payment for the web hosting.

Now here's my Good News for you! This business that I started cheaply can be yours also because I will allow you to use my website for FREE! Beside that one, I will also teach you how to wisely build online grocery so you can start it at a very minimal investment and at the shortest possible time.

Before, you really need to hire a web programmer paying hundreds of thousand pesos just to provide you a fancy and dynamic website for your online grocery but now it's totally different because you can have a website that is proven to work effectively and is profitable. Also, before, we taught that online grocery business can only be made if you have a big capital. Not now, because I'll be guiding you how to set it up at cheaper way.

There are 10 simple steps on how to start an online grocery business and I write it in an eBook that you can download for free.

Click Here To Download The Free eBook.

This eBook has been read by over 6,000 people and has able some of them to start their own online grocery business.

In the past, people think that to start a business that involves selling grocery items needs a big capital, even those who are planning to put-up a sari-sari store has this mentality. While building online grocery doesn't entertain this kind of misconception because if you are willing to start it you need to have the right mindset first.

Also you need to have a full knowledge how things are being done so you can support the right mentality in building this business and these knowledge I'm talking about that you need to have is written in my free eBook which you can download for free.

But having knowledge alone is not enough, you need to transform what you have in mind into massive action. This actions will help you developed skills. And in order for you to have the right skills, actually the ultimate skills, you need to have trainings and seminars. Don't worry because I already have prepared series of trainings, seminars and webinars that is made especially for you.

Now talking about a home based business for employees and for mothers, actually I am talking about an affiliate marketing business for them. Before I came to online grocery business, I have joined many affiliate marketing businesses. And yes it was a great experience. It gives me a lot of leanings how this kind of venture works. I earn a lot from this business too because it was totally profitable.

But the problem with affiliate marketing that I have joined in the past is the discontinuity of sales, it's because once your prospect customer buys your affiliated products, the business is done, which means the earnings is done too! And you need to find another customer to make a sale and to earn.

While with the affiliate marketing that I will be introducing to you is a totally different program. There will be a lifetime and no end commission you will be getting with it! Because you will be an affiliate marketer to all the online grocery business inside Clavmall.

The earnings is continuous in this kind of program because once you invite someone to buy groceries or any product in Clavmall and if that one you invited will buy again and again until the end of the world, you will also going to get commission again and again. And the best thing about this kind of affiliate marketing program is that you need only to invite people once and once they're in, the earnings comes forever!

So now I would like to invite you to download my free eBook. You can get it by going to the link found at the bottom or a banner at the right side of this video blog.

Lastly I would like to invite you to join us in Clavmall and let's make life easier. Thank you and have a good day!

Para sa magaang buhay,
Francis Clavano

Click the image below to download the eBook.

If you have questions and concerns please don't hesitate to comment below.

Para sa magaang buhay,
Francis Clavano
Working Husband, Commuter, Internet Entrepreneur
Our business is operating legitimately. Click here to view our permits

FREE EBOOK: "10 Simple Steps On How To Start An Online Grocery Business"

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By the way we have a PROMO, and it ends in:

Be An Affiliate Of Clavmall An Learn How To Build Your Own Online Mall