One time when I was in Ayala mall, I happen to pass by a Trade Expo in the activity area.

I actually buy sample product from one of its participants, a delicious kakao chocolate that is sugar free.

Honestly I love it and I always buy it even up to now when the expo has ended.

There was one question I ask to the store owner that struck me and leads me to have an idea.

I was just asking him if he can deliver that kakao chocolate to my house.

He says he can but at a certain amount.

Ok. but what about if he can charge me for the delivery if I can’t reach that amount?

Yes! he said.

And a lighting bulb strikes my head!

Why not let him have online channel for his business? I mean an online store for his products.

So I can order him anytime I want and he can deliver it to my place.

Another thing I observe, it is the mission of the Trade Expo to make all their participant’s products world class.

I said to myself - If his products can be ordered online then it can be ordered outside the Philippines?

Though those products are not known to the market yet but with the help of a ready-to-use online store he can make his product world class.

So if you are going to ask me what is the future of this micro enterprises? It’s really big.

The only thing they must do is to have an online channel so their products can be seen worldwide.

An even other businesses, they just need to upgrade their business by acquiring an online store and they can make sales not just local but to the whole world.

Para sa magaang buhay,
Francis Clavano
Working Husband, Commuter, Internet Entrepreneur
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