Hello po sa inyo,

My name is Francis Clavano, I'm the creator of Clavmall.com and I love creating things on the web. Thank you for dropping by here in my page.

If you are a person who buys your daily needs on the mall, Clavmall.com will change the way you do it.

It will give you convenience and time to do productive things.

If you also own a business and want to get lots of customers, then this website will definitely helps you promote and advertise your products or services for free.

And if you don't have a job, no income, a student, or even a housewife, then you can earn extra money in joining our reseller online program through affilites.

About Me

I'm a husband to Rowena Clavano and a father to our lovely daughter Chloe.

Though I'm an Electrical Engineer by proffession working in one of the prestigious company here in Davao City, I really really love programming and making web softwares specially online based applications.

I'm a bit having fun reading books specially incouraging books that teaches business and investment.

And most of all I love having time with my two girlfriends.

My Story

I have been into different kind of business, I've put up an internet cafe, some lending businesses, but most of my business was on the internet. Internet business such as selling ebooks and digital products.

I was also into networking selling direct products.

One time I read an article in the internet about how internet businesses grows nowadays. A couple of years ago, internet business in the Philippines is not as familiar as it is today. Right now, according to that article, it triples the number.

Bill Gates once said, "If your business is not in the internet then your business is out of busines".

So I was wondering, using my expertise in programming, could it be that I can create a website where all businesses are online?

And I could create an application that caters free marketing so I could help any business to succeed?

I thought it was a tough idea but I made it! And that is the birth of Clavmall.com

The Solution

Clavmall.com is an online mall that caters all types of business to be online. Traditional business can acquire an E-Store, a ready-to-use online store, that transformed a traditional business into an online business.

And what E-Store can do is that all the products or services uploaded into it by the business owner will be included into the main page of Clavmall.com.

Also I was amazed that out of my creation, it was a blessing in disguish that I give oportunities to anyone to be a reseller of the products or services listed in Clavmall.com

They are what I called Clavmall Affiliates.

Yes, with affiliates anyone (all the members) can be a reseller. What they do is they get an affiliate link on their login account and promote it to others. Once someone clicks on the item they promoted, they get commission in the form of money.

An if the one who buys that item comes back again and buy, automatically commission will be credited to the affiliate member.

My Intentions

One time I was in the mall, there was a Trade Expo happening. What I thought is that businesses in the Trade Expo have product that is not yet known in the market.

And I said to my self, what if I'll help them to market their products through my website Clavmall.com?

What if I can market it not just here in the Philippines but also in the whole world as my website can be seen anywhere?

And that concludes me having a mission to help businesses specially micro enterprices to be a world class business with world class product by exporting it through my website.

So if you known someone who have a business or if you yourself has a business, invite them or yourself to join in Clavmall.com, then I can help you succeed.

Click here to know our Products.

Para sa magaang buhay,
Francis Clavano
Working Husband, Commuter, Internet Entrepreneur
Our business is operating legitimately. Click here to view our permits

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