When it comes to development, Clavmall has a lot of it today!

In the video that I created, I've shown there the 3 Major Platforms of Clavmall namely as:

1. E-Store Platform
2. E-Supplier Platform
3. E-Courier Platform

Watch the video to fully understand the difference between these platforms.

Now as of this writing we are now enjoying the benefit of an E-Store Platform.

As we know that this is the only platform among the three that is fully operational!

But soon these other two will be in its full operations also...

Now here's the good thing you need to know.

The training fee for OGPT will go up high once we launch these other two platforms.

It can go to 2x or 4x higher.

But if you enroll today you will enjoy the benefit of these platforms once it launches without paying the increases price of the training.

And what's good is that we have a promo.

If you enroll now, you enjoy the promo at the same time you'll enjoy the other two platforms soon without paying another price!

To know more about this training and the details of the promo,

Click here to read it.

But be hurry because this Promo will end soon.

Thank You

Para sa magaang buhay,
Francis Clavano
Working Husband, Commuter, Internet Entrepreneur
Our business is operating legitimately. Click here to view our permits
Online Grocery Prosperity Training

Give me an hour a day for 10 straight days to teach you step by step How to Build an Online Grocery Business and after 10 days I will going to give you a Fully Upgraded E-Store that is Already Loaded with Grocery Items so you can start the business right away and make a lot of money!

By the way we have a PROMO, and it ends in:


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